Sunday, September 18, 2011

Idea board

A while back, I had the idea of making framed cork bulletin boards to pin ideas or other fun little findings (this was just before my friend Liz introduced me to Pinterest). I bought some cork sheets, a dozen 5x7 plastic photo frames from the Dollar Store, some starry night paper to cover the cork, white acrylic paint, and some fun crackle paint to give my frames an antique look.

Since I wasn't sure how these boards would turn out, I decided to try just one board and see how I liked it. I measured a piece of cork and cut it to fit the inside of the photo frame, then glued it onto the back of the frame. I then painted the entire frame in crackle paint -- only to see all my paint chip off bit by bit! Turns out crackle paint is meant more for accents than as a base. ;)

I ended up painting the frame white, then applying little bits of crackle paint here and there. I cut a piece of the starry night paper and glued it to the cork board. Whether it was distraction or some sort of craft block, this project went on the back burner until last night. I decided to distress my frame even more, so I applied some Walnut Stain around all the edges. I took a bunch of butterflies that I had punched and attached them to some twine, then wove it around my frame to create a garland. I threw some lace over one of the corners and then, voila -- my idea board!

Now, all those quotes in my head have a home! Shoot, it can even be a place to display a message for my husband, or one of my tags:


5x7 plastic frame
White acrylic paint (it doesn't have to be expensive, mine was just $1 at Walmart)
Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint - Old Paper
Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Walnut Stain
Martha Stewart Royal Butterfly punch

Happy crafting!!

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