Friday, July 22, 2011

OSU Football Scrapbook (my first scrapbook!)

My sister's birthday was coming up, and I while I already had a birthday present in mind, I also wanted to give her something a bit more "homegrown." I instantly thought of a scrapbook - but what of? I went back and forth on what the theme of my sister's scrapbook would be ... sisters ... girlfriends ... inspirational sayings ... but none of those ideas seemed right. Then I had the idea to make her a scrapbook where she could place future pictures from the 2011-2012 OSU football season, which will be her first year as a season ticket holder.

Well ... I got to thinking about it more ... and I felt like it would mean a lot more to her to have a completed scrapbook versus one she would have to add to later. So then I started thinking about the whole sisters/inspirational quote idea again. As I started looking for photos, I stopped on a bunch of pictures from my sister's first Beaver game last October. Then the big idea hit me: Therese's First Beaver Game!

I visited Paper Mermaids for some fun orange and black ribbon, rhinestones, paper, and embellishments, not to mention, the mix-matched shaped album I used.

In addition to photos, I also included my sister's ticket from the game!

Here's what the front and back look like: 

I had so much fun making my first scrapbook, knowing that it was going to my sister, and that it was about an event that was really special to her. I can't wait to make her another one some day!

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