Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day in Wonderland Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day, Crafty Friends!

I have a V-Day project and tutorial to share with you today ... it's quite the tale of deep passion and obsession ... trickery and lies ... and redemption. :)

During Christmas, my husband and I both received a mini box of chocolates in our stockings. I knew this - but Scott did not.

You see, I'm addicted to sweets and it is my duty to consume at least one thing everyday that contains sugar. So after I devoured my chocolates, I scoured my husband's Christmas stocking and was pleasantly surprised to feel the rectangle-shaped package in my hands. :)

He still doesn't know about Santa's good intentions. (He will pretty soon, though.) But the empty little boxes that I've hidden have racketed my conscience louder than the beating heart from The Raven. So, I thought I would redeem his empty box of chocolates ... and turn it into an altered project I'd like to call "Valentine's Day in Wonderland." 

I made the rosette using the candy liners ... some may consider this taunting, I see it as saving the environment. :)

The inside is not completely devoid of anything sweet ... there are two hearts, one representing my love of sweets, the other representing my love for my other half! Do you think I'm off the hook for my crime? Or will it be ... off with my head?!

If you have empty candy boxes stashed away, why not redeem them and turn them into a gift for your special Valentine? Depending on where you live, you still have time! All right, let's get started with a quick tutorial.


Graphic 45 - Hallowe'en in Wonderland 8x8 paper (another amazing goodie from Gloria Stengel's December blog candy--thank you again!!)
Graphic 45 - Chipboard Button Staples
Black Soot Distress Ink
Gold Paint Dabber
Movers & Shapers - Mini Hearts die
Grungepaper Elements - key
Prima flowers
Crochet ribbon
Pink brad

The box

1. Remove the lid from your box. Measure the length and width from side to side and write down the measurements. Do this for the bottom of your box as well. You'll see in the picture that the top of my box measures about 3.5". Both sides measured 1" each so the total length I measured was 5.5".

2. I chose the "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" design for my lid because of the cute devilish hearts. (If you look closely, you can see a little set of horns and a tail for each heart.) Cut your paper to the measurements you recorded for both the lid and the bottom. Then, score your paper based on how long the edges are. When you have scored all four sides of your paper, (4) squares will be formed in each corner. Cut these squares out, then glue your paper to both pieces. 

I used "Curiouser and Curiouser" for the bottom.

3. Measure the inside of your lid and bottom, then cut alternating paper designs to place inside your box. Glue each piece and press firmly into your box. Don't worry if your paper sticks out a little - you can always sand it down so that the edges are nice and straight.

4. Grab your black ink and apply it to every corner and edge. 

The rosette

1. Grab 3 candy liners. (Feel free to add more if you want.) Pierce a hole into the center of your liners.

2. Place your brad into the center of your candy liners. Shape the liners by gently crumpling them with your fingers. 

You're done! However, you can always spritz them up with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Smooch Spritz, or Perfect Pearls Mist for some added shimmer. 

Adding elements

1. Using your die cutting machine, cut out (2) short hearts and (1) long heart from the Movers & Shapers Mini Hearts die. I chose "Curiouser and Curiouser" and "You're Late!" for the paper. Using the short hearts, glue one heart to the inside of your bottom piece. Attach the other short heart with pop dots to create some dimension. 

2. Glue your crochet ribbon onto your lid. 

3. Cut out an Alice card from "Jabberwocky". Attach candy liner rosette, feathers, Prima flowers, and Movers & Shapers long heart to your lid. Place a couple pop dots underneath your Alice card and attach. Take your grungepaper key, apply Gold Paint Dabber, then attach to your lid when dry. 

4. Tie some twine through your Graphic 45 buttons and attach to the sides of your lid. 

There you have it! An altered candy box for your sweetheart, using Graphic 45's whimsical "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" collection. Thank you so much for looking ... Happy Valentine's Day!



Sandra said...

Wow, this altered chocolate box is super! Love that you used even the wrappers as a flower! Gorgeous!!

Deb Neerman said...

OMG, this is too cool! Am so lovin' the candy-wrapper flowers .. genius!

Love this!

Paper Nurse said...

lol great story and project... I actually saved a little candy box the other day with a similar project on mind... didn't save the paper cups though... guess I'll need to get another :)

Janna said...

Love the box and the funny story! Great tutorial with all the pictures!

Suzanne said...

absolutely gawgeous!!! the project shows you had fun making it! Love it!

anna christensen crafts said...

What a great project Maria... the candy wrapper flowers are wonderful!

Maria said...

Thank you so much, ladies! I'm happy you liked it!!