Thursday, December 1, 2016

Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Christmas Calendar

It's December!

Can you believe it? This year has flown by so fast. And now I'm making it fly even faster with my latest project: a Christmas countdown / Advent calendar.

I've had this ginormous wooden shadow box for quite some time. I couldn't decide where to save it for a Graphic 45 Secret Garden project or a Christmas-y one. But after some recent time I've spent with my train-loving nephew, I felt a Christmas project was the appropriate use. :)

This isn't your typical shadow box, where you have perhaps 1 1/2" depth, so your embellishments "pop" easier. Rather, this is about 2 1/4" deep - so you either use a ton of dimensional objects inside and/or a lot of foam adhesive. Or - you take advantage of the extra space, and make room for tiny trains.

Remember these fabulous life-size door knockers from Graphic 45?? So fitting for my huge &$@ shadow box.

I assigned a day for each box. Since I didn't have enough boxes for 25 days, I had to double, and even triple, some of the number of days in the boxes.

The idea is that you take a little train - like the Thomas and Friends mini's that I stole from Trent - and move them from box to box until they hit the 25th.

Percy fits in so perfectly. 

For Christmas Day, I chose a train from the Dollar Tree store, and glued some St. Nicholas imagery on top.

Here's a peak into each box: 

As I was uploading photos, I realized that I never made a number 6. Oops. I guess the trains take a break that day and ride around the Christmas Countdown? Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. 

Well, that's all for today, friends! I hope you enjoyed this project. Now I'm off to drink some eggnog and chug some rocky road ice cream before the husband comes home. :)

Supply list 

Graphic 45 St. Nicholas 12 x 12 Pad
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas 12 x 12 Patterns & Solids Pad
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Decorative Chipboard
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Journaling Chipboard
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Tags & Pockets
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Banners
Graphic 45 Policy Envelopes - ATC Red
Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys
Graphic 45 Shabby Chic Door Pulls


EWright said...

Love this! Beautiful December calendar!

Anonymous said...

Also excited to see your beautiful inspiring work! This project does not disappoint! Absolutely Beautiful! Love all of your work! So creative! Blessings to you always! Gail P.

Pam said...

Maria, this is amazing. I love the concept of the Thomas trains moving from day to day. Each box is so beautiful. You've created a stunning project!

Unknown said...

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