Thursday, April 4, 2013

Graphic 45 2013 Design Team - made the top 30 first round!!

You guys ...

I can't believe it ...

But I made the first round of Graphic 45's illustrious 2013 design team!!!

I'm crying, I have wet hair, and need to be at work, so I'll keep this short.

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Graphic 45 for selecting me in your top 30! For someone who's gone through all sorts of rejection in life, this is just the biggest thing. It means so incredibly much. Of course, there is still the final round; but to have made it to the top 30 is a miracle.

And the people on this list. Have you SEEN their work?? Holy cow! (So, uh, THANK YOU, Jesus!!)

Here is the official top 30 list from G45's blog!!

1.     Alberto Ju├írez – Spain
2.     Amy Voorthuis – Netherlands 
3.     Andrew Roberts – Australia
4.     Ann Charoonpaisal – Thailand
5.     Anne Elisabeth Rostad -Norway
6.     Annette Green – USA
7.     Arlene Cuevas - USA
8.     Arumdati Wardhani – Indonesia
9.     Candy Rosenberg – USA
10.   Chie Nakao – Japan
11.   Clare Charvill  - United Kingdom
12.   Denise Hahn -  USA
13.   Denise Johnson – USA
14.   Evgenia Petzer – South Africa
15.   Gini Williams Cagle –USA
16.   Karen Shady – Australia
17.   Maiko Miwa – Japan
18.   Maria Cole – USA
19.   Miranda Edney – USA
20.   Monica Edwards – USA
21.   Nichola Battilana – Canada
22.   Olga Struk – Ukraine  
23.   Rhea Freitag – USA
24.   Ria Nirwana – Indonesia
25.   Romy Veul – Netherlands
26.   Patti Senter – USA
27.   Sabrina Radeck - Canada
28.   Shell Carman – Australia
29.   Stacy Rodriguez – USA
30.   Susan Lui – Singapore

And if any of you who are reading this are also in the top 30, thank you kindly and expect a visit from me later today!!!




Miranda Edney said...

congrats sweetheart and best of luck!!! your work is INCREDIBLE!

LISA said...

Maria!! Congrats sweetie!!! I absolutely adore your work!! x0

Paula Calvanico said...

Congrats, I am happy you made it! I look forward to you making it through to the team and all the wonderful things you'll create :)


Sandra said...

Ohh Maria, what great news! Top 30 is really a big deal! So hoping for you to go through to the final round and making it into the DT! Good luck! Hugs, Sandra

Paper Nurse said...

You so deserve this honor! Good luck!

Karen Shady said...

LOL... you sound as excited as I am :) a huge congrats for making to top 30... I am still in shock that I made it too... good luck for the next round xx

char said...

Congratulations Maria, your work is always beautiful so its only right that you are in the top 30!! Hooray!!

Suzanne said...

outrageously awesome girl!!! Routing for ya...good luck in the final selections!

Unknown said...

congrats... I think you will make it. Your work is beautiful. Best of luck to you!

Sandy said...

Hey Sweet Maria - I am cheering for you big time. You so much deserve this!!! You have been honored for sure. Love you delightful art work Sugar!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Maria! You absolutely deserve to be among the finalists and then to make it onto the DT because you are so tremendously talented!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! And greetings from Ukraine!